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Computer programmers are a special breed. It takes a particular type of mind to code and code well. While anyone can learn to code if you wish to make a career out coding, it will take commitment and dedication. As is the case with most professions, there is a set of good practices that should be incorporated when coding regardless of what language you use.


Code Efficiently

Coding for a single node that is part of a software application can easily exceed multiple pages. Like a good coder, it is essential to make your code as efficient as possible. You should always write clean code, and if you can compress a four-lined conditional statement into a single line or two, this is always better.


Naming Convention

High-level syntax is easier to read compared to low-level language, however as a good coder, it is best to try to remove as much ambiguity as possible. Always give meaningful names to all variables. If you are defining a variable to represent people, declare the variable name as people instead of ptsqd. Of course, once the code is compiled to machine language, either variable would work, but it is easier to read the code using proper naming conventions. This naming convention applies to functions, objects, and structures.


Avoid Nested Loops

The syntax for loops in computer coding can be challenging to read, but loops within loops can be a nightmare. While it is true, on some occasions, loops need to be nested, if at all possible, avoid this at all costs unless required by the algorithm.



Software code is often inherited, and proper labeling can save time and effort for the next coder. Label all functions, objects, and variables using complete sentences and well-written explanations. It is a good idea to label areas in your code to make it easier to read. Good coding practices include commenting and labeling areas throughout your program so your code can be easy to read and understand for future coders.


Indentation Consistency

Indenting your code has nothing to do with the functionality of your code, and it will compile just fine if you decide not to indent. While coding, it’s essential to always think about its readability. By keeping your indentation consistent, you will have an easier time going through your coding to manage and update it.