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From the outside, coding looks like a technical skill only for engineers. People may assume that, unless you like math, there’s no use in learning it. While that seems to be the mindset of many people, the truth is quite different. In reality, the programming field has more to do with language-learning than it does math. 


If this is the case, why does everyone look at coding and math as if they were the same thing? It’s perhaps because of the way the AI evolves.


A program can solve complex equations faster than any human. Creativity, however, is another story. Although math is applied more often than not while coding, it doesn’t feel technical the way math does. Programming is a language like how Spanish, German, French, and others are languages, though it’s arguably more useful to know how to speak in this day and age. People who have relatively good communication skills have a much easier time learning the programming language than others do.


Writing Skills

Like writing, coders follow specific “grammar rules” to keep the message clear. Even a small mistake, like a misplaced comma, can change the entire meaning of the sentence or line you’re typing, so understanding the syntax of the coding language and how to properly communicate through it is crucial. Learning will always be the hardest part. Once you have the language down, programming software can be as easy as writing an essay.


Speaking Skills

Whether it’s coding or dancing, the best way to learn a skill is to practice. No matter how much you study or how well you do in theory, you’ll never know for certain whether you can do something unless you actually go out and do it. In the case of coding, those with speaking skills are more likely to understand what they’re doing because they can put their thoughts into words. If you cannot explain your skills out loud, then do you truly understand them? And how can you understand those skills if you’ve never done them yourself?

Like any language, your possibilities broaden as you learn more. Yes, programming may appear to be more like math at first, but with some patience and practice, even math can be made into art.