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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is inextricably linked to software engineering, and the two crafts can significantly enhance each other when used optimally. An increased understanding of each one individually nonetheless enhances the understanding of the other and will provide invaluable skills in learning how to use them together. The combination of the two is powerful and innovative, and can significantly improve business, marketing, creativity, customer service, and many other sectors. Here are some ways in which the two can be used in tandem:


Lower-Risk Decision Making

AI can be programmed and can track and interpret data over short or long periods. It is also able to quickly detect changes and fluxes in sets of data down to the nanosecond, much quicker and more accurately than it could ever be done by the human hand. Because of these laser-point accuracies, AI can be programmed to conduct strategic decision making based on a variety of factors that are determined by what is engineered into the system. This can significantly expedite and enhance the accuracy of prediction and decision making in a variety of fields, including the stock trade, stakeholding, and other areas.


AI Code Generation

This is perhaps one of the most powerful options for how AI and software engineering can collaborate, but an advanced AI can be programmed to produce its own automatic code, and thus self-grow and develop, as well as self-learn.


Software Testing

AI can be programmed to test specific software quickly and accurately to detect bugs or areas in which it could function more seamlessly. It then can record blips and report these back to human engineers (or AI Code Generators) so that these problems be fixed quickly. This compensates in areas where the human tester may miss blips or bugs, and is impressively thorough.