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As technology continues to improve at an unprecedented rate, more and more companies are integrating complex AI programming into their systems and products. With new technologies, however, come new problems. When it comes to introducing AI into a business, the risk for bias against minority groups is the leading challenge companies face. There are several ways, though, that companies can safeguard themselves and make use of the many benefits that AI has to offer.

Before a company begins using an AI model, they should be aware of what type of data the AI will be collecting, and be able to develop a balanced AI algorithm. To work effectively, AI systems use machine learning to collect, train, and test vast amounts of data at a time. If this data isn’t diverse and representative of a company’s clients upon input, then the AI cannot do its job accurately.

Another critical factor for companies to consider is what type of team will be building the AI programming for the company. If the team creating the algorithms all come from a similar background and upbringing, then there may be an unintentional bias initiated into AI programming as a result. It’s wise to diversify creative teams when creating a new project. Another benefit of maintaining diversity in the team, creating the AI software for a company is the ability to problem-solve creatively should issues arise. 

 Companies also should consider how the AI programming will be utilized within the business. Even if an AI system is built with accuracy, it can still integrate biases into its systems after going into effect as a result of the data it’s collecting. For this reason, it’s paramount that businesses using AI technology monitor their networks for proper representation to prevent prejudices. 

 When it comes to developing and using AI technologies in a company, proactive monitoring is the best defense. Businesses have to regularly and rigorously test their AI programs while they’re in use to combat biases developing within the system. They must also be sure that the AI they’ve developed is being used ethically to prevent biases as a result of using AI programming.

 Businesses need to stay on top of the technological curve to maintain relevance in any industry today. For AI, that means risk mitigation and constant monitoring. AI is undoubtedly a part of the future, and it’s best to walk into the future prepared.